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What is Grassroots Trust for Community Organizations?

Grassroots Trust for Community Organizations in Kenya (GRATCO-K) is a non-profit organization with the aim of facilitating communities through community organizing in initiating solutions for empowerment and sustainable development. It works with the urban and rural poor through their respective organizations with its mandate premised on the belief that community organizing facilitates the building of a critical mass-based people’s organizations with structures for good governance that become vehicles for actions, empowerment, articulation of issues, engagement and participation in building and management of an equitable, just, inclusive and peaceful society. GRATCO-K supports citizens and governance institutions in effecting legal awareness in public and business affairs through legal and policy frameworks, skills, advocacy, knowledge and information. In fulfilling its goals, GRATCO-K employs citizen engagement as a key approach in educating citizens on their obligations and encourages active participation in decision making, planning, governance processes and resource management.